The Vecht

The Vecht

De Vecht is a Dutch river that runs through the provinces of Utrecht and Noord-Holland. De Vecht starts at the Weerdsluis in the city of Utrecht and ends at Muiden in the IJmeer about 42 kilometers further. The Vecht flows among others along the places Maarssen, Breukelen, Loenen, Nederhorst ten Berg, Nigtevecht and Weesp.

On the way the rich past is clearly visible. From Weesp to Vreeland was also called the Boerenvecht and is characterized by the beautiful nature and farmlands. From Van Vreeland to Maarssen it was called the Herenvecht and there is one country estate even more beautiful than the other.

Shipping company Lee sails all over the Vecht and has several departure points where also the accessibility by coach is thought.


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