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Rental vessels

Shipping company Lee: Zaan Ferry 1
Zaan Ferry 1; Electrically powered, whisper-quiet excursion boat. For every occasion the company has the right ship. We can transport you from a to B or take a trip on the Zaan, the IJ, the Amstel or the Vecht. Click here for an overview of our ships.

Catering on board

Easter Buffet
In consultation with our chef there are many catering options. The company has its own catering kitchen where we can offer many possibilities. Our chef prepares everything fresh for you. Click here for an overview of a number of possibilities. Own catering is also possible.

Sail Amsterdam 2020

All ships of our company can be booked during Sail Amsterdam 2020. Experience this spectacular nautical event from the water. So close you rarely come to the beautiful Tall ships. Please contact us about the possibilities. Read on, click here.

Download the free Izi.TRAVEL app

Shipping company Lee; Audio Tour App
Discover what makes the Zaan Special: Authentic program aimed at experiencing and living the Zaanse industrie culture with the Izi.TRAVEL app. Even in offline mode, the stories on the boat of shipping company Lee are activated via GPS.  Our interactive audio guides provide you with a great multimedia experience, enriched with photos, videos and quizzes in the language of your choice. Select the app in the Zaan spotter to listen to the stories while you cruise. It's that simple!

Wilhelmina Sluis Zaandam; Delays in 2019

Redeij Lee uses the lock in Zaandam
The Wilhelmina Sluis (1903) in the centre of Zaandam is renewed together with the adjacent Beatrix Bridge and Wilhelmina Bridge. The current Wilhelmina Sluis is obsolete in terms of dimensions and in a poor architectural and technical state. The aforementioned delay for the company is a contractual obligation of the builder to max. 3 x 1 hour/day shipping to hinder for work. This will sometimes be short-lived or slightly longer depending on the work.

New The Zaan Ferry VIP gift Card

Nieuws van onze partners

Citytour Zaan Region

Citytour coach
Citytour Zaan is a new transporter in the Zaan region. Every 30 minutes there is a bus that will show you all the highlights of the Zaan region in 60 minutes. Together with shipping company Lee/de Zaan ferry we work on a combination ticket. Click here for the website of Citytour Zaan region.

New Director Artzaanstad

Marc Aijtink starts on 1 November 2018 as new director of ArtZaanstad, former art centre Zaanstad, as successor to the March JL. Former director Isabella de Jong. "Not enough people in Zaanstad know that we are located in this fantastic industrial building on the historic Hembrug site. A work environment can hardly be more inspiring! Together with shipping company Lee/de Zaan ferry We look at how we can get more art lovers to Hembrug.

Tate Modern on the North Sea canal

Shipping company Lee; Tate modern on the North Sea canal
Unconventional. This is how Alex Mulder, an entrepreneur with deep pockets, is typing the method. In 2018, Mulder bought the former ammunition factory on the Hembrug site (42.5 hectares) near Zaanstad. Although the programming is still in full use (there will be work with guest curators) and there are still talks about the construction of the hotel and an extension of the boat connection with Amsterdam (shipping company Lee/de Zaan ferry), this mega plan can Become the cultural project of 2019. (Volkskrant 3-1-2019)

The Coffee Shop

Team meeting with the employees of the coffee shop on board Ms Elly Galang. The coffee shop has five modern espresso bars/coffee/tea shops with exclusively durable organic espresso beans. 100% organic certified or via exclusive Direct Trade. Top quality espresso beans from smaller koffieroasters for coffee with great taste nuances for home use and catering. You can find the coffee shop a.o. At the stop Verskade and the Wormer spring stop.

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